2 essential kanban boards for sales teams

18/02/2020 - Updated on 09/07/2024 - Pola
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A growing number of Kantree users are startups and business development teams in larger companies. That’s because Kantree is powerful enough to replace a dedicated sales tool (such as Pipefy) and can also be used for other project management, making it a cost-saving solution for growing your business.

Sales pipeline

We have previously covered how to use Kantree for sales, where we talked about generating and qualifying leads, communicating with your team and prospects email-free, and creating customized quick-access views.

Now, let’s look at two must-have kanban boards for sales teams that will accelerate your business growth: the sales pipeline and competitor tracker. These templates allow you to quickly set up a workspace to share with your team and are fully customizable.

1. Sales pipeline

Use this template to create a complete workflow for collecting and evaluating leads, as well as keeping track of contract negotiations.

On the left-hand sidebar, you can switch from the sales kanban board to our pre-designed reporting tool («Charts») for tracking goals and sales rep overload, or view your project as a calendar (no need to switch to another tool for that).

We’ve also included a handy timeline view of deals to reactivate, which replaces an external Excel database of former clients and those with expiring contracts.

Sales pipeline template This sales pipeline template features a workflow with predefined columns: lead qualification, evaluation, contract negotiation, and contact.

Pro tip: Embed a link to a Kantree project form on your website or other online channels to collect incoming RFPs (requests for proposal). Every time a project request comes in,the information will be turned into cards in your workflow, keeping you organized.

2. Competitor tracker

While the sales pipeline is your project hub, the other must-have template for sales and business development teams is the competitor tracker. 

A central place to gather and analyze data on competing businesses in your niche, the tracker is a helpful tool for uncovering the market potential of your product or service.

The template includes a powerful kanban with swimlanes to help you organize competitors by market share and competitiveness, all in one view. Need to see them separately? Switch views on the sidebar with a simple click. Or you can use the price range view to organize competitors by their rates.

This template also has a time-saving report for “Feature usage tracking.” It will help you monitor which features are trending. 

Competitor tracker template Keep information on competitors and pricing trends in one place using our flexible kanban boards.

Getting started with templates

To set up a new sales kanban board, follow these steps:

  • In your organization’s home page in Kantree, click the “Add workspace” button and the template library will appear in the next screen. You can also access it from the user menu in the bottom left corner of your screen (i.e. click on your profile photo and select the library from the pop-up menu).

Add a new workspace You can access the template library from your organization’s home page or the user menu.

  • Select a template and copy it to your workspace by clicking «Use this template». In the pop-up window, enter the project name and click “Create.”
  • Customize your workspace however you want: write a project guideline, add tasks and deadlines, invite team members to collaborate, change column colors, captions etc. And you’re good to go!

Watch this 5-minute video, which shows you how to use our project template library to create your workspace in Kantree.

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