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Kantree is an all-in-one solution for teams to work better together, share tasks, manage projects and execute workflows.

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Work together

The flexible work management platform to unleash collective intelligence

Maximize employee involvement by letting the company’s know-how take control. With its simple interface and great flexibility, Kantree allows individuals and teams to participate in the development and execution of business goals by relying on their collective intelligence.

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For the whole company

Build your perfect solution, whatever your work is

Bring together what you need in a single workspace rather than spread your workload across multiple tools

Manage projects your way

Kantree’s extensive flexibility allows your team to use any methodology, traditional or agile.

Visual management

Use our visual tools, such as kanban and timeline, to easily display all your projects.

Never lose sight

Track your projects in detail with our array of tools and dashboards.

Create shared task lists

Quickly build lists and attach cards to them. Add a description, assignees, deadlines, and more.

Collaborate in real time

Talk to your collaborators in real time about any task; tag their name to bring them to the discussion.

Unleash your creativity

Focus on the essentials, Kantree takes care of the rest.

Visualize your processes

Create any type of work process using our intuitive kanban. Add automations or custom fields.

Simplify employee requests

Create forms to allow all your employees to submit requests and collect data, all in one place.

Streamline your communication

Get notified, communicate with applicants in real time, and track the efficiency of your process.

Combine methodologies

Kantree’s flexibility allows your team to use any methodology: SCRUM, Kanban, or your own.

Create complex processes

Customizable cards, infinite hierarchy, multiple card types, work in progress limits, auto-assignment, and more.

Metrics to be effective

Track your team’s performance with cumulative flow charts, burndown charts, cycle times, and more.

Create any type of process

Facilitate communication and request management across your entire business by using our intuitive kanban to implement your processes.

Create forms

Create forms to allow submitting requests and collecting data in one place.

Simplify collaboration

Talk to your collaborators in real time about any task; tag their name to bring them to the discussion.

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Kars4Kids is a US-based non-profit car donation organization that funds educational, developmental and recreational programs for low-income youth. Their team uses Kantree to consolidate work for volunteer supervisors in their mentorship programs. Here’s their story and how Kantree can be applied to nonprofit project management.
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Cyrille V.
Scrum Master with Orange S.A.

We use Kantree everyday with my team to manage our agile project. The flexibility and the possibilities that it gives mean that we improve our working modes as we need to.

Lorin H.
Barcraft United

So far this beats the pants off of all other solutions we've used and is closest to merging a CRM with a modular Kanban system.

Powerful & flexible

All the features you need to reach your goals

Powerful but easy to use features for everybody, for projects small to large

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Our commitment towards collaboration

Our company is fully owned by its employees. This means we have to make cooperation work on a daily basis. Our values are deeply rooted in collaboration, transparency and empowerement. Our experience and feedback from our customers help us build Kantree.

Our product vision About us

The latest from our blog

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Kantree version 10.4 is here!
Posted on 28/07/2023 by Lorene
As part of continuous improvement, our Kantree tool is regularly updated to best meet the requirements of our users. It is in this context that we announce the release of version 10.4!
Building a Culture of Innovation with Kantree: Boosting Your Competitive Advantage
Posted on 18/07/2023 by Lorene
Building a Culture of Innovation with Kantree: Boosting Your Competitive Advantage In a constantly changing professional world, taking care of your culture of innovation allows you to maintain a competitive advantage.
Project management and Holacracy is possible
Posted on 27/06/2023 by Lorene
More and more companies are adopting holacracy as a new management system, no matter how big they are. What advantages do they derive from this modern management method?