Top 5 best project management tools in 2024
Posted on 15/07/2024 by Florian
We've tested the 5 best project management tools in 2024. Find the complete detailed comparison right here.
Introducing Kantree’s New Pricing Plans
Posted on 21/05/2024 by Lorene
Kantree prices are changing, we explain why in this dedicated article
How to properly support Customer Success Manager teams?
Posted on 03/05/2024 by Lorene
With the explosion of SaaS solutions in recent years, a new position has emerged, that of CSM, which is the reference contact for the customer in the use of the product as well as in monitoring.
Review your habits using No-Code tools
Posted on 08/11/2023 by Lorene
In IT, it is time to rethink our habits in order to improve our productivity and the quality of our work, which is what No-Code tools, including Kantree, allow us to achieve.
A first look at the Kantree Method
Posted on 06/10/2023 by Maxime
8 years of experience helping teams better collaborate and become more efficient, in various industries, summarized as a set of clear principles
Kantree version 10.4 is here!
Posted on 28/07/2023 by Lorene
As part of continuous improvement, our Kantree tool is regularly updated to best meet the requirements of our users. It is in this context that we announce the release of version 10.4!
Building a Culture of Innovation with Kantree: Boosting Your Competitive Advantage
Posted on 18/07/2023 by Lorene
Building a Culture of Innovation with Kantree: Boosting Your Competitive Advantage In a constantly changing professional world, taking care of your culture of innovation allows you to maintain a competitive advantage.
Project management and Holacracy is possible
Posted on 27/06/2023 by Lorene
More and more companies are adopting holacracy as a new management system, no matter how big they are. What advantages do they derive from this modern management method?
How to prepare your teams for project management?
Posted on 26/05/2023 by Lorene
A good work organization is important to achieve good productivity while maintaining a level of well-being for your employees. For this, tools make it possible to properly distribute the workload and to have good communication within the teams.
Obtaining ISO27001 certification
Posted on 17/04/2023 by Lorene
Kantree has obtained ISO 27001 certification, a globally recognized international standard that proves our level of security and reliability for our online service.
Kantree, workspace tool creation - VS - Excel
Posted on 13/04/2023 by Lorene
The limits of the spreadsheet that an all-in-one project management tool does not know
The importance of an HR project management tool
Posted on 30/03/2023 by Lorene
The human resources department is a special department in a company with specific challenges and objectives that can vary very quickly depending on the resource needs of an organization.
The importance of having an editorial calendar in business
Posted on 14/03/2023 by Lorene
Make your editorial calendar a real must in your digital marketing strategy.
New languages available in Kantree
Posted on 08/02/2023 by Lorene
As part of its international expansion, Kantree is now available in multiple languages.
Launch of our cooperative investment certificates
Posted on 24/01/2023 by Lorene
Launch of our second cooperative investment certificates to grow our project
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