Control, integrate or extend Kantree

Kantree offers a REST API which can be used to manipulate any projects or teams. The Kantree UI uses this API so it should offer all the operations you need to remotely control Kantree.

Some examples of what you can do with the API:

  • Feed data into your workspace from external sources (create & update cards)
  • Synchronize a workspace with an external source
  • Automate exports

Accessing the API

Read our guide to learn how to use the API. You can browse the full API reference in our API browser.

A Swagger specification file under is generated so you can easily browse the API or generate a client.

API endpoint

The base URL for all API calls is:

If you are a Kantree Enterprise customer, you will need to use your own domain (eg:


Authentication can be done using personal API keys or OAuth 2.0. If you are building an integration where the goal is to have Kantree users use your third-party service, please only use OAuth 2.0.

Read more about authentication

Self-hosted installation

Self-hosted instances have access to the same API under their own domain.


You can create webhooks in your projects.

You just have to register a URL and select a type of events in the list (cards, groups, etc).


The last checkbox is active lets you temporarily enable/disable your webhook.

Once activated, your URL will receive events from the selected type each time one is emitted in Kantree.