Create custom forms for your workflows

Kantree offers powerful forms to collect requests, user feedback or any other data, via the web or by email. Discover our powerful form editor and what you can do with it.

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Design beautiful forms

Create forms for your business needs

At the source of your workflows there often are many great forms. Create, edit or delete as many forms as you like thanks to our powerful form editor.

  • Customize forms by using multiple fields (text, pictures, etc...)
  • Match them with your cards
  • Embed a form directly into your website
How to set up and use Kantree project forms
Select your audience

Manage form's access rights

Do not loose time. Use project forms today and enhance your workflow.

  • Define who can access a specific form (members only or public access)
  • Fine tune the way you want to collect requests
  • Use your own email server if you want
Check our guide for managing project forms
Collect data easily

Use forms to collect data

Make publishable forms that will create cards directly in your project. Collect requests and integrate them into your work process.

  • Inject inputs directly into your workflow at the right place
  • Create cards automatically and get notified
  • Centralize requests and avoid loosing precious information
How to associate a card with a project form
Interact with users

Use forms with your workflows

Enhance the power of your project forms with our powerful automation engine.

  • Track requests from users
  • Communicate through the form and don’t loose information
  • Automate some actions
Workflow & Automations
Use our Templates

Ready-to-use and customizable templates fully loaded with project forms

Create your ideal workspace: virtualize your workflows, configure your cards according to your data, customize the appearance and add views to extend the capacities of your tables.

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Manage your projects and tasks

Manage your projects from start to finish in your own way according to your needs.

Organize your processes

Create, run and automate workflows in minutes.

Share and structure your data

Bring transparency and structure to your business data.

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