June 2020 product update

18/06/2020 - Updated on 25/10/2021 - Jérémy, Pola

In the past few months, we have been implementing a handful of new Kantree features and long-awaited improvements: sub-card reordering, better importing capabilities, fixed-height swimlanes, custom calendar, and more.

If you missed them, catch up in our April product update and May product update.

The latest update brings a powerful new functionality to Kantree forms. It introduces editable request fields and associating request forms with existing cards.

Kantree forms: refresher

If you’re not familiar with this feature, Kantree forms are used for managing requests: website bugs, job candidate information, project feedback from clients etc.

You can quickly design publishable forms that will create cards directly in your project, making it easy to collect and manage data. Forms can be shared with your team or be open to “external” people (e.g. clients) and even anonymous users (e.g. applicants).

When someone submits a form, they receive a tracking page where they can track the status of their request and communicate with project members.

What’s new in forms

Up to this point, users would fill out a form posted online and Kantree would create a new card associated with the request. With this update, you can work in the opposite direction, i.e. create a card (or start from an existing card) and then, by associating it with a request form, have Kantree create a new request using the content of the card.


In other words, we pre-fill the form for the user. When they receive an email containing the URL of the request tracking page, they will be able to edit fields, e.g. add files and messages.

Say you work in HR and you’re recruiting a new team member. You already have a card in Kantree with their contact information and CV, now you’d like them to submit additional details (e.g. portfolio samples, references) and you’d like those files to appear in the card.

All you have to do is go to the menu in the top right-hand corner and click ‘Create a request,” then select which form to associate with the card and add an email address.

The fact that responses are editable after the form is filled out the first time facilitates interactions. That’s the goal of this new functionality: to help streamline your communication and further cut down on email clutter.


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