Creating a Digital Workplace with Kantree: HUBDAY recap
Posted on 20/06/2022 by Pola
We participated in HUBDAY Future of Work (June 2022), a hybrid event in Paris dedicated to presenting and discussing the best solutions and good practices for the digital workplace post-covid. Check out our recap and insights.
Improving cross team collaboration with kanban
Posted on 25/10/2021 by Pola
Creating a work environment that encourages cross team collaboration is crucial for modern businesses looking for sustainable growth and success. In this article, we examine the benefits of team knowledge sharing and how using kanban boards in Kantree can help improve it.
Le Groupe Logiciel chooses Kantree for work management
Posted on 01/02/2021 by Pola
Kantree has been chosen as the preferred work management solution provider for Le Groupe Logiciel, the inter-agency software group of the French Ministry of Higher Education, Research and Innovation. Read more about the partnership.
The future of Kantree
Posted on 04/11/2020 by Maxime
We are very proud of our latest release of Kantree. Our view and field system is now one of the most powerful ones on the market. While we still have tons of improvements in mind, we believe it's time to focus on other aspects of the product. So where are we going next? Find out from this write-up.
Introducing Kantree Business & new plans
Posted on 08/10/2020 by Pola
We are introducing new pricing plans: Kantree Team and Kantree Business, our first such change in five years. Read more about our offer and choose the right plan to fit your company’s size and budget.
New management era: Digital, distributed, collaborative
Posted on 02/10/2020 by Pola
Long before the coronavirus outbreak forced companies into remote work overnight, the workplace was becoming more distributed and digital. This new era of management is here to stay, so let's take a look at the trends.
Too many meetings? Here’s how Kantree can help
Posted on 31/10/2019 by Pola
Studies show that too many meetings not only waste time and money, but make you less productive. Our team has replaced a number of face-to-face meetings by taking advantage of Kantree workspaces. Here’s how your team can do it too.
What is collective intelligence ? Examples from our cooperative
Posted on 19/07/2019 by Pola
Collective intelligence is the idea that a group has a greater cognitive power than any individuals within the group. When applied to business, it has the potential to unleash creativity, create employee involvement, and lead to a better performance. Here’s a look at the concept and its examples from our experience as a worker cooperative.
5 ways to empower people with Kantree
Posted on 21/06/2019 by Pola
Discover how to empower people in your organization - and yourself - with Kantree! Here are five ways to use our friendly work management platform to collaborate with your team and work more efficiently, on your own terms.
7 key features for remote collaboration
Posted on 28/03/2019 by Pola
When you manage hybrid and remote teams, you need to make sure that they feel as much a part of your company as those in the office. That means all work needs to be digitalized. Here are essential Kantree features for remote collaboration, designed to make working together easy across locations.