3 top project templates for HR and recruiting

18/02/2020 - Updated on 06/09/2021 - Pola

HR and recruiting teams are among Kantree’s power users. Tasked with building efficient and engaged teams, they are key players in a company’s growth and need to stay on top of things at all times. Kantree helps them stay organized by acting as the recruiting hub, limiting the number of emails, files and spreadsheets to deal with.

We have previously covered how to use Kantree for recruiting, which includes collecting and storing applications, talking to candidates, tracking interview progress, and sorting applications with our powerful custom filters. All in one place.

This time, let’s look at three top project templates for HR: the recruiting pipeline, employee onboarding, and expense tracking. They let you quickly set up a recruiting project as a kanban board and can be easily personalized.

1. Recruiting pipeline

A great place to start. Use this template to create a recruiting workflow in just a few clicks, then populate it with candidate information. The pre-designed columns in this kanban include applicant profiles, phone screening, on-site interview, and job offer.

Tip: You can design a job application form directly in Kantree, then post it on your website or social media. When someone applies, Kantree will auto-create a card in your project and you’ll be able to talk to them via comments. Quick and no emails!


2. Employee onboarding

One of our top HR and recruiting templates, this one has a kanban that lists all onboarding tasks, such as things to do before a new hire starts and things to do on their first day, in the first week etc. This template also lets you track onboarding progress, i.e. tasks to do, in progress, and completed. Click on the sidebar to get a cross-view of all tasks and their time frames, e.g. what paperwork needs to be signed on day 1 or what account access should be given in the first week.


3. Expense tracking

This powerful template is full of pre-designed kanban boards that let you look at HR expenses from several angles: as a pipeline (expenses that are requested, in process, and paid), by priority level or category, by status and priority in one board (such as outstanding high-priority payments). We have also added a table view of all expenses, which you can use instead of an Excel or Google spreadsheet. A visual built-in report and expense submission form complete this board.


Getting started with templates

After selecting a template, click “copy to my projects” to save it, then organize it as you like: add project guidelines, tasks and deadlines, change column titles and colors, invite others to collaborate etc. That’s it!

Tip: Watch this 5-minute video (in French with English subtitles), which walks you through the template library and shows how to use our templates.

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