How Orano Group uses Kantree across teams

17/05/2019 - Updated on 11/07/2024 - Pola
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When you are a multinational nuclear fuel cycle company, managing your complex processes is no small feat. You need reliable tools to facilitate cross-team collaboration in a secure online environment.

When Orano Digital Lab, part of the French Orano Group, began using Kantree, their teams reached out to us for extra guidance. The resulting Café Kantree workshops in their Paris office have allowed us to get an in-depth understanding of Orano’s unique needs and show them how to make the most out of Kantree.

Café Kantree Orano A insider look at the Kantree Café.

We also asked three Orano team leaders to share insights for this article: Clémentine Gomez (Digital Innovation & Transformation), Fabienne Bourgois (Operational Excellence), and Rémy Flandin (Technology & Innovation). Here’s what they said.

How do your teams use Kantree?

Clémentine: On the Innovation team, we use it in different ways: in a “classic” project follow-up, as a project portfolio follow-up (in particular that of the Digital Transformation & Industry 4.0), and as a database of Orano partners, but also a sourcing process.

Fabienne: I use Kantree for portfolio management. It allows us to share the main information related to structuring and/or cross-functional IT projects for the Group.

Rémy: I use it to manage my project (improving R&D Portfolio Management in my Business Unit) with a backlog of ideas, a roadmap, and a follow-up of improvements in progress. The board is accessible to the director and department heads and it’s very useful to me right now.

Tell us a little more.

Clémentine: In terms of portfolio follow-up, Kantree allows us to have a global vision of new topics, POC (Proof Of Concept), Pilot Projects and Deployments in the different business units. We also use it for reporting. And as a database of Orano’s partners, each card in Kantree represents a partner. It details their specialties and the projects they are associated with. Our partners are organized according to the following lists: Identified, Under Evaluation, Test Phase, Referenced with Projects, and Main Partners under Contract.

Rémy: One of the instances where Kantree works very well is the collaborative follow-up of requests for REX (KM) with the engineering department (ticket tracking). The backlog is created by engineers using a form and the requests followed up by a small dedicated group.

Digital transformation board Kantree boards used as a support of meeting.

What else can you share about using Kantree?

Clémentine: I regularly use sub-cards, as I find them very practical. I also use sub-tables from time to time - they can be very useful for prioritizing actions within a project.

Fabienne: At monthly meetings of our project launch committees, Kantree is the only source of information and sharing. Although there was some reluctance at first (it’s not PowerPoint), things are going very well. The platform is easy to use, there were no problems after the first session. Kantree has really made things easier!

Thanks to Clémentine, Fabienne, and Rémy for sharing how Orano uses Kantree across teams. For more ideas, read our other client stories! If you would you like to be featured or host Café Kantree in your office, send us an email.

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