Kantree Inbox, an easier way to track your work

07/07/2021 - Updated on 19/07/2023 - Pola, Jérémy
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We have been getting lots of positive feedback from users about Kantree Inbox. One of the new features of Kantree 10.0, the inbox is designed as a work hub and an easier way to track your work. Let’s have a look. 

new feature inbox

What is Kantree Inbox?

In short, the inbox is a central place to manage your work in Kantree. Think of it as your personal work and notification center, where you can follow what’s going on across workspaces and join conversations without having to click around. 

The inbox is part of Kantree’s new interface and redesigned navigation

Where is it?

In the system sidebar on the left side of your screen. To access the inbox from anywhere in Kantree (e.g. organizations, team workspaces, user account), click on the second icon from the top. This is also your feed notification button. 

TIP: You can set the inbox as your Kantree homepage by clicking the options icon in the top right corner of the page and checking “Use Inbox as my home.” We did it and highly recommend doing the same! The way whenever you open Kantree, you’ll be up to date on recent activity and see your to-do list. 

kantree inbox features

Inbox features (a.k.a. why we like it)

The inbox shows the flow of all card activities to which you are subscribed (organized by date, with the newest updates displayed at the top of the page).

A few useful things to know:

  • You can mark elements of the feed as read, one by one or all at once.
  • You can comment directly on the cards without opening them.
  • You can open a detailed view of the cards to update them (click on the title).
  • The feed button shows a notification as soon as new activity is posted.

The inbox displays your personal calendar and a list of assigned cards (here called tasks) that can be filtered by workspaces. To select the workspaces you want to include, click on the eye icon. You also have the option to view tasks as an interactive checklist when you click “My Tasks” or “Show in search.”

Kantree inbox replaces the old notification tracking window, while keeping part of the old dashboard page (i.e. the card list and personal calendar).

Follow our public roadmap and be a part of building Kantree! As a user, you can submit ideas and comment on items in progress. Questions? Contact our team.

Kantree is the all-in-one collaboration and work management platform that help teams across the whole company work better together.

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