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Visualize your work flowing

Create fully customizable Kanban boards that accurately represent your processes of value creation and create cards for your work. It is that simple to set up. Move your cards across the board, and identify your strengths and weaknesses.

Optimize your workflow by setting up WIP limits

Add WIP limits at any stage of your process to better understand your workflow and optimize your delivery speed. Stop starting and start finishing.

Track your team capacity and delivery with cycle time chart

Look at your project analytics and visualize the cycle time chart for your team. Shorten it to deliver work faster.

Easily manage different types of work items

Do you build a software, a robot, a phone or a service ? Does your team have developers, designers, engineers, testers, commercials, business developers, etc or a mix of both ? Customize the cards so that they are fully adapted to your work and team specificities, thanks to our card model system.

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Automate and get the tools out of your way

Take advantage of Kantree's options and third parties' integrations to automate tasks like :

  • assigning users when moving cards
  • creating cards from your Slack conversations
  • integrating card creation in your Zapier zaps
  • attaching commit from github or gitlab to your cards
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30 days free trial