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How Orano Group uses Kantree across teams

When you are a multinational nuclear fuel cycle company, managing your complex processes is no small feat. You need reliable tools to facilitate cross-team collaboration in a secure online environment. We asked three team leaders from Orano Group to share insights on using Kantree in their work.
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Let users digitalize their processes

There are hundreds of processes going on at every level of your company and it’s hard for IT to build tools for all of them. Kantree allows users to digitalize any process by themselves using an intuitive interface. Add rules, automation, custom fields and more to fit your needs.

Make it easier to organize and share information

Digitalization is as much about work as it is about sharing information. Kantree makes it possible to organize and share structured information. Easily create mini databases of all the things that usually don’t have a place in your information system.

Reports become easy and accurate

Kantree provides a powerful reporting tool for teams to discover bottlenecks in their processes and for information to be shared across the company.

Digitalization means better collaboration

Talk to your teammates in real time about any task, tag their name to bring them into the discussion. Subscribe to tasks to get email notifications of any changes and add a comment by replying to email.

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