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Unlock team members’ full potential by letting them digitalize processes by themselves.

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When you are a multinational nuclear fuel cycle company, managing your complex processes is no small feat. You need reliable tools to facilitate cross-team collaboration in a secure online environment. We asked three team leaders from the Orano group to share insights on using Kantree in their work.
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Let users digitalize their work to maximize efficiency

There are hundreds of processes going on at every level of your company and it’s hard for IT to build tools for all of them. Kantree allows users to digitalize any business process by themselves using our intuitive and visual interface. Add rules, automation, custom fields and more to fit your needs and individual working style.

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Make it easier to store,organize and share key information

Digitalization is as much about work as it is about access to information. Our digital transformation platform makes it easy to organize data and share it securely with your team or outside project partners. Create mini databases of all the things that usually don’t have a place in your information system, and never lose track of them.

Digitalization means better team collaboration

Keep everyone in the loop, including remote and hybrid teams, with our system of card comments and email integrations. Talk to colleagues in real time about any task right from Kantree by tagging their name in the shared workspace. Subscribe to tasks to get notifications of any changes and add a comment by replying to email.

Get in-depth process insights with visual reports

As a digital transformation platform, Kantree provides a powerful, accurate, and highly visual reporting system for teams to discover bottlenecks in their business processes and identify opportunities for growth and innovation. Make decisions with greater confidence on everything from spending to productivity.

Project Templates

Ready-to-use and customizable project templates

Create your ideal digital workspace: get started in minutes with our templates, then configure cards according to your project requirements. Customize the appearance, invite your team, add shared and private views to make the most of your boards.

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Manage projects and tasks your way

Take charge of your work from start to finish

Organize your processes

Create, run, and automate custom workflows in minutes.

Share and organize your data

Bring transparency and structure to business information.

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