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Posted the 27/06/2019 by Pola

Work is often full of low-value, repetitive tasks. They can be time consuming and distract us from doing high-value work. If you don’t forget about them, that is.

Kantree comes to the rescue with automated actions and recurring tasks. These two powerful features will save you time and hassle, so that you can focus on what matters, be productive, and collaborate with your team more seamlessly.

Here’s what you can do to streamline your workflow, no coding knowledge needed! Take a moment to create time-saving rules in Kantree, you’ll be glad you did.

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less is more

Automate card actions

These actions are triggered when you create or drop cards in groups (such as the To Do, Doing, Done columns in your kanban board). There are many possibilities for automation, here are a few that come to mind - based on our team’s experience:

  1. When you create a card in the “doing” column, each card will include an assignee field - no need to add it to each new card. Tip: you can leave the field empty or further automate by adding team members to all tasks in the group.
  2. To expand on the previous point - when a new card is added, you can program an auto-email to a chosen recipient, such as a client or external partner. They will get a project update without you having to send separate messages.
  3. Assignees can change when the task status changes. For example, one team member is in charge of a task during the “doing” phase, then their manager gets assigned - and notified - when the card lands in the “for approval” group.
  4. When you use Kantree forms to generate cards, you can add comments each time the form/card is moved to another group, which will notify the requester. This is especially useful when you collect client feedback or recruit new employees, and the cards are moved from one stage to the next in the pipeline. For example, when a candidate gets accepted, Kantree will automatically send them a message and update their application page.
  5. Other time-saving automated actions include changing the due date when the task status changes, or auto-updating attributes of all cards in a group.

DO THIS: In your workflow, go to settings and lick the “Auto actions” tab. Click the + button to add a desired action. Choose from: post a comment, define a field, send an email, add to a group, and set a URL, then set the value and you’re done.


Set up recurring cards

Do you have tasks that need to be repeated daily or weekly? For instance: sales or marketing reports, maintenance tasks, one-on-one meetings, weekly retrospectives. Once you create a task card in Kantree, you don’t have to copy or recreate it!

DO THIS: In your dashboard, choose or make a card that you want to repeat. Click on settings, go to “Make this card recurring,” and choose the details (frequency, time and day of the week, the column where the card will appear). Kantree will then copy the card with its subcards and attributes (except members, that’s coming soon). [Learn more about recurring cards.]


Do you have more ideas? Follow our public roadmap and be a part of building Kantree! Members can submit ideas and comment on in-progress items.

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