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Create any kind of processes

Facilitate communication and request handling across your company using our intuitive kanban to implement your processes. Never loose track of requests anymore. Add rules, automation, custom fields and more to fit your requirements.

Create forms to allow people to submit requests

Forms allow you to collect requests in a project. Submitters can then track their requests and be notified of their evolution. Communicate with submitters using Kantree. Your HR team can now manage all their requests without having to take care of notifying the submitter.

Track the efficiency of your request processing

Kantree provides analytics to help you detect bottlenecks in your processes and ensure that your team is not overloaded.

Easier to collaborate

Discuss with your team mates in real-time about any task, mentions them to bring them in the discussion. Subscribe to tasks to get notified by email of changes and reply to emails to send a reply.

30 days free trial