Unleash collective intelligence
with a truly flexible collaboration platform

Kantree helps teams to organize their work, manage their daily tasks and stay synchronized.
Our flexible interface gives teams full control over their work, helping them reach their full potential.

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Discover how Kantree can help your team

Take advantage of all the talent and domain knowledge of your team members. Kantree allows everybody to have full control over the way they organize their work. Empowered teams feel more confident and deliver more efficiently.

Agile teams

Use SCRUM, Kanban or adapt existing approaches.

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Small teams

Keep synchronized in real-time and work together on the same tasks.

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SMBs & Startups

Plan and manage every aspects of your company to execute your vision in a single tool.

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Human resources

Get a handle on all your processes and provide a smooth experience for employees.

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Customize your projects according to your requirements. Kantree is the first collaborative platform where you get as much freedom as traditionnal spreadsheets!

Kanban (+swimlanes)


Explore different ways to visualize your data. Team members can have their own perspective into the project.


Easily build custom reports using built-in or custom charts. From cumulative flow diagrams to velocity calculations, we have you covered.

Infinite hierarchy Request forms Powerful query language Time tracking Invite guests to projects Email & third-party integrations
And much more

Hosting flexibility

We understand the confidentiality requirements of some companies or the desire to host your own data. As a result, we are committed to provide flexible hosting options for our customers.


We host and manage Kantree for you.

We take care of running and updating Kantree on our own infrastructure. Signup online and get started in seconds.

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Private cloud or On-premise

Deploy Kantree on your own infrastructure. Stay in control of your data and get full technical support. Integrated with directory services.

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Cooperation at work

We believe teams do their best work by getting everyone involved through cooperation and transparency.
That's why and how we made Kantree, and we hope you will benefit from it as much as we do.
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