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Kantree is an all-in-one toolkit to organize, plan and manage work across your company

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Our visual & flexible collaboration platform transforms work across your company.
With as much freedom as spreadsheets, teams feel empowered and deliver more efficiently.

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Cyrille V.
Scrum Master with Orange S.A.

"We use Kantree everyday with my team to manage our agile project. The flexibility and the possibilities that it gives mean that we improve our working modes as we need to. "

Lorin H.
Barcraft United

"So far this beats the pants off of all other solutions we've used and is closest to merging a CRM with a modular Kanban system. "

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Customize your projects according to your requirements. Kantree cards are like mini documents with as much freedom as spreadsheets!


Easily build custom reports using built-in or custom charts. From cumulative flow diagrams to velocity calculations, we have you covered.

Infinite hierarchy Request forms Powerful query language Time tracking Invite guests to projects Email & third-party integrations
And much more

How the Ypsomed Group uses Kantree for product management in the healthcare industry

Swiss-based Ypsomed Group is a leading developer and manufacturer of products for diabetes care, running a global operation network and employing close to 1,700 people. Kantree is there to help them streamline product management and facilitate cross-team collaboration. Here’s how it’s done, in their own words.
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Hosting flexibility

We understand the confidentiality requirements of some companies or the desire to host your own data. As a result, we are committed to provide flexible hosting options for our customers.


We host and manage Kantree for you.

We take care of running and updating Kantree on our own infrastructure. Signup online and get started in seconds.

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Private cloud or On-premise

Deploy Kantree on your own infrastructure. Stay in control of your data and get full technical support. Integrated with directory services.

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Latest from the blog: New partnership announcement: French Ministry of Higher Education, Research & Innovation chooses Kantree as preferred work management solution provider

Cooperation at work

We believe teams do their best work by getting everyone involved through cooperation and transparency.
That's why and how we made Kantree, and we hope you will benefit from it as much as we do.
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