Flexible visual project management

Kantree allows all teams in your organization to visually manage any kind of activities. From simple ideas to complex projects, it adapts to your way of working and helps you focus on the things that matter.

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Cloud and self-hosted versions available

From simple ideas to complex projects

As your project takes off, Kantree helps you stay on top of it by making it easy to setup processes like SCRUM and Kanban or to create your own.

Focus on things
that matter

Different roles require different perspectives into a project. Kantree lets you visualize your project under different angles and using different visualization modes.

Work more efficiently
as a team

Do less status meetings and automate the repeating parts of your processes. Collaborate in real-time and stay up-to-date in a single glance.

Get everybody on board

Kantree can be used by any team to manage any kind of projects or activities.
Using a single tool makes it easier to understand what's happening across all your company.

Product development

Use SCRUM, Kanban or any other style of management approach. Track user story points, visualize your burndown chart, integrate with Github and more.

Sales pipeline

Create your dream sales pipeline with our visual kanban. Add as many custom fields as needed to track information about your leads. Forward emails to Kantree to track exchanges.

Task management

Use Kantree as a shared tasks list. Visualize tasks grouped by team members and track the progress of everybody. Keep synchronized in real-time and work together on the same tasks.

Event planning

Make sure you don't forget anything and coordinate your team. Keep tracks of key dates on our calendar and get notified as things get close to the deadline.

We provide templates to get you quickly started

Kantree makes working on projects more engaging using a visual approach.
It's fast and flexible interface never gets in your way.

Kanban Table
Get different perspectives
into your project:
Create different types
of cards:

And much more: calendar, analytics, email & third-party integrations, invite guests to projects, ...

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Watch our short introduction video to see how Kantree flexibility lets you customize and visually manage your projects.

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Hosting flexibility

We understand the confidentiality requirements of some companies or the desire to host your own data.
As a result, we are committed to provide flexible hosting options for our customers.


Install Kantree on your own server.

Deploy Kantree on your own infrastructure. Stay in control of your data and get full technical support. Integrated with directory services.

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We host and manage Kantree for you.

We take care of running and updating Kantree on our own infrastructure. Signup online and get started in seconds.

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Cooperation at work

We believe teams do their best work by getting everyone involved through cooperation and transparency.
That's why and how we made Kantree, and we hope you will benefit from it as much as we do.
Follow our team/work at digicoop.io.