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09/04/2018 - Updated on 19/07/2023 - Jérémy
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Have you ever been hesitant to give access to your digital project management tool to external stakeholders, because you don’t want them to make a mess with your well organized tasks and planning?

Afraid of somebody accidentally deleting some fields or important information whereas they shouldn’t even have the right to do this in the first place?

With our 6.0 release, Kantree gives you full control on permissions and rights in your projects.

A flexible role system

You are now able to define custom project roles from your Kantree organization page:

project roles tab

Our former roles (Observer, Observer allowed to comment, Member and Admin) still exist as “built-in” roles which are not editable, but you have now the possibility to create custom roles, from scratch or from an existing one.

For each role, you can precisely define the actions users can or can’t do in your project.

project roles editor

Roles are always created at the organization level because we consider they are an integral part of the whole organization and not something which should only be defined at the project level. However, Kantree gives you the possibility to override custom roles at the project level for even more flexibility.

Granular permissions in projects

Our new system allows for very granular permissions, down to each attribute or group. You can give editing permissions to a single attribute to an editor role for example or introduce a “Moderator” role in your busy projects which can have the ability to delete comments without any other privileged permissions.

There are two level of overrides you can do in projects. Override the general permissions associated to a role from the project settings:

project roles overwrite in project

Or override the permissions associated to a specific attribute or group directly in the project. You will find a new “key” icon next to attributes:

customize perms for attributes or groups

Expect to find this icon more and more across the interface as we add more override possibilities. From there, you can toggle permissions for this attribute in particular:

modal for attributes permissions

In this example, members with the Devops role will be able to modify the due date attribute on your card, but not your Q&A members.

If you want to limit which role can add cards to a specific group, this can be done from the “Rules” tab in the group dropdown. User will then be informed of the possibilities when drag & dropping:

drag and drop permissions

Other features in Kantree 6.0

Collapse/expand sub-cards in the Kanban:

sub-cards in Kanban

Quickly mark your tasks as done!

We’ve also redesigned our view mode selector.

New mode selector

We have also changed the way views are saved in projects. Any change in the settings or layout now creates a temporary view. Simply save it or replace an existing view with this one once you are satisfied with the changes. You can also switch back and forth between an existing view and this new temporary view without loosing your changes.

Save views

We are having an amazing start of 2018 and this 6.0 release is a key milestone in our quest to shape Kantree as a solid collaboration and work management platform for all businesses.

As always, you will find the rest of the release notes here.

Stay tuned!

Kantree is the all-in-one collaboration and work management platform that help teams across the whole company work better together.

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