Why choose Kantree over JIRA?

Kantree’s easy to use interface allows you to get started quickly, withtout training. Combined with tremendous flexibility, it lets you setup workflows and methodologies that match your way of working. As your project grows, you can easily implement evolutions in your processes into Kantree.

Custom fields
Advanced workflows
Powerful search & query language
Intuitive Kanban boards
Easy to configure
Flexibility accessible to everybody
Realtime collaboration
High user engagement

4 raisons for JIRA users to switch to Kantree

Easier to use

An easy to use interface that you can get the hang of in a few minutes. Enjoy working with a modern project management tool and get access to powerful features without any training.


Kantree is fast and reactive which means less frustation and a more engaging experience for your team mates.

Evolves with you

Kantree’s flexibility is accessible to everybody. This means it is easy for your team to customize its projects to create complex workflows which match its way of working.


Enjoy real-time collaboration with your team. Never wonder if you need to refresh the page ever again!

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