Intuitive and easy to use,
Kantree is nevertheless packed with features

Unleashing collective intelligence means giving you the flexibility to organize any type of work as you see fit. We have packaged all this power in an easy to use interface that will grow with you from the simplest projects to the most challenging ones.

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Extremely flexible and powerful card system

Projects in Kantree contain cards which are our flexible unit of information.
They can represent tasks, people, documents, etc...

Powerful custom field system

No built-in fields, all fields can be removed or modified. This means cards do not have to be tasks. You can have multiple fields of the same type, for example multiple assigment fields for differnet category of assignements

Fully customizable card layout

Re-order fields by drag & dropping them and organize them in sections (which can have multiple tabs)

Create cards via email
Real-time comments on cards
Mention user, roles and tasks in comments
Markdown support
Create comments and attachments by email
Paste images
Subscribe to cards to get notified
Share individual cards via a link
Multiple types of cards (which we call "card models") per project with different set of fields for each type
Card models can be shared across projects
Full hierarchy of cards (cards can have sub cards which can have sub cards, etc...)
Use "contexts" to group cards. This allows you to group cards as: Epics, Sprints, etc...
Recurring cards
Print cards

Use fields for many purposes

Fields are like columns in a spreadsheet. Each field as a type which gives special power to the field's value!

Multiple assignees
Votes on cards
Dependencies between cards
Labels (with as many category of labels as you wish)
Due dates (with start and end date)
Attachments with image previews
Formulas: computed fields using our powerful query language

Different view modes for cards


Group cards in columns and easily visualize your progress

Matrix (ie. a kanban with swimlanes)

Group cards by 2 different dimensions to get a better idea of where you stand


Handle large amount of data in a spreadsheet like manner


Visualize cards across time


Custom views

Saved views
Views can be grouped by and sorted by any field or context.
Sorting by any fields
Drag & drop cards to reorder
Share views via a link
Instant filter and search
Powerful query language with advanced operators and functions


Customizable reports

Add multiple charts and re-organize them on a single screen

Cumulative Flow Diagram
Burndown chart
Workload chart
Custom charts based on fields


Create and publish forms

Let people from outside your project create cards through forms

Custom request page for requesters
Requesters get automatically notified of the progress of their request
Forms can also be submitted by email
Embed forms on your website

Packed with features for real work

Automated actions
Real-time sync between all users and devices
Per project and cross projects calendars with iCalendar export
Activity stream and journal view
Custom color theme and background images
Right click menu for quick actions
Copy / move projects and cards
Personal dashboard
Import from spreadsheet
Import from Trello and Asana
Offline mode
Export to spreadsheet
Project templates
WIP limits

Collaborate with external people

Guests on projects

Free for read-only and comment-only guests

Contractors on teams

Only give them access to certain projects

Share views with your clients showing only a subset of the cards
Share single cards with clients
Create public or private projects

Safety and security as core ideas

Create custom roles for project members
Customize the project permissions for each role
Customize what fields a role can modify
Two factor auth
Personnally Identifiable Information (PII) tracking and reporting
GDPR compatible
No third-party scripts once logged in
All communications are encrypted


Flexible time tracking (see below)
Powerful tracking system with fully customizable fields for each category of tracking items
Full reports for all your category of tracking items


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