Get your team on the same page and reach your goals together

Kantree replaces clunky spreadsheets and tons of emails with an easy-to-use, fast and collaborative platform to improve your team communication and efficiency.

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One workspace, unlimited possibilities

Build your ideal workspace: create your workflows, configure our document-like cards to suit your data, customize the way everything looks, and add views to expand capabilities.

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Project & task management

Manage projects from start to finish in your own way (agile, scrum, kanban, etc…)

Workflow management

Create, execute & automate workflows in minutes. Fully integrated with email

Share & organize data

Bring transparency and structure to your company data

Public & private views

Views bring new perspectives to your cards and expand the capabilities of your workspace

Your team, your style

Customize everything: colors, backgrounds and more

Invite teams & customers securely

Granular & customizable permissions and free observer guests

Visual management

Get multiple perspectives into your work

Kantree features sleek and powerful views to organize your cards. Manage your projects visually and see progress in an instant.

kanban Kanban

Ideal to visualize workflows

table Table

The familiarity of spreadsheets

matrix Matrix

Perfect for cross-examination

list List

Manage todo lists

timeline Timeline

Manage workloads and deliver on time

calendar Calendar

At a glance vue of milestones and due dates


Cards - the unit of information

At the heart of Kantree, there are cards, which can represent anything from tasks to people. Each card can have a description, assignees, due dates, file attachments, labels, and much more.

card example 2 card example 3 card example 1 card example 4 card example 5
100% customizable

There are no mandatory fields on Kantree cards. Feel free to move or remove our built-in ones and add new ones

Powerful custom fields

Use our rich selection of field types to make cards fit your project perfectly

Sort & group fields

Cards are like mini-documents: move fields around, group them together under tabs

Multiple card types

Many colors, fields and workflows for each type

Infinite sub-cards and sub-boards

Split the work into detailed items using our infinite hierarchy

Reminders & recurring cards

Never miss a deadline again!

Discover hundreds of ways to use Kantree

Start in a few clicks with our templates


Improve communication and focus

Kantree is for the whole team to work on, not only managers. Break silos and improve transparency, so that everybody is aligned on the same goals

  • Assignments & mentions
  • Personnalized inbox
  • Real-time comments
  • Shareable views
  • Create & reply from emails

Ensure work is always on track

Plan your work carefully with our interactive views

  • Timeline & calendar views
  • Due dates and time periods
  • Reminders and recurring cards
  • Integrate with any calendar app using iCalendar

Get insights into your project

Create customized dashboards in a few clicks with our easy-to-use editor.

  • Cross-project dashboards
  • Custom charts with data from any field
  • Agile charts: cumulative flow diagram, cycle times, burndown chart
  • Velocity tracking

Make sure everything is accounted for

Track any kind of data using our logging system: time, expenses, time spent in meetings, phone calls with clients, etc.

  • Easy to use and detailed activity journal
  • Customizable time tracking
  • Flexible tracking system allows you to track any kind of data
  • Export as spreadsheet
Request forms

Use forms to collect data and requests

Make publishable forms that will create cards directly in your project. Collect requests and integrate them into your work process. As an option, requesters can receive a tracking page where they can see the status of their request and communicate with project members.


For the whole organization

Make Kantree the heart of your digital work with our organization hub. Kantree makes it easy to manage members and permissions with granular permissions.

Customizable organization hub

A beautiful and customizable home for all your digital work


Organize workspaces and people into teams with their dedicated hub and permissions

Work with external contractors

Provide them access and modification rights on chosen workspaces, without giving them access to your hub

Granular permissions and roles

Fine grained, customizable permissions and roles from the organization to inside workspaces. Choose who can edit what

Templates and re-usability between projects

Create custom project templates and re-use card types


Available from everywhere

Kantree is made for remote work

  • iOS and Android apps
  • Offline support

Works with the tools you already use

  • Import your projects from Trello, Asana, or Github
  • Get notified in Slack and use our slash command
  • Attach files from Dropbox, Microsoft OneDrive, and Google Drive
  • SSO with Google Workspace and Microsoft 365