Kantree Enterprise allows you to keep full control over your data

We understand data ownership requirements and are committed to provide flexible hosting options for our customers.

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Private Cloud

Managed by us

We take care of running and updating Kantree on your own private cloud. Can be connected to your network by VPN.

On Premise

Kantree on your servers

Deploy Kantree on your own infrastructure. Can be run offline. Monthly updates available.

More possibilities

Create as many teams as you need. Users can also create private projects directly from their dashboard, outside of any teams.

Integrated to your infrastructure

Use your existing company accounts to login to Kantree. No need to duplicate them between your existing directory service and Kantree. Supports LDAP and SAML2.

Easy to install

Kantree requires a 64-bit Linux, Python 2.7, PostgreSQL 9.4+ and Redis. We recommand at least 2 CPU-equivalent and 4GB of RAM. Docker images are available.

Compare our Cloud and Enterprise offers

Intuitive interface, no need for training
Create and delegate tasks
Flexible kanban boards and table view
Advanced customization of cards and processes
Create forms for processes
Unlimited teams
Private projects for members
Keep control of your data
Single Sign On (LDAP, Active Directory or SAML2)
Rights synchronized with your directory service
Technical phone support


1 year contract (prices exclude VAT)
1-10 users 1,800€
11-25 users 3,600€
26-50 users 6,600€
51-100 users 9,600€
101-250 users 21,000€
251-500 users 36,000€

In the case of the Private Cloud offer, hosting fees are not included.

About Licenses

  • Price based on amount of users, 1 year contract
  • We count as user any enabled account registered in the database.
  • Users can be disabled, in which case they do not have access to Kantree but their data are kept. Disabled users do not count towards your quota.
  • Licenses are issued for a one year period. The period starts when the license is activated for the first time. Licenses must be activated in the 3 months following the order.
  • Kantree can be deployed on as many machines as you want as long as the same database is used.
  • Includes technical support by phone or email. Answer in the same business day, Mon-Fri, 8am - 7pm GMT.
  • We offer a 30 days money-back guarantee.
  • A license can be upgraded at any time (pro-rata)