Visit your account settings ( to get your API key or to register OAuth apps.


Authentification should be made using HTTP Basic Authorization and the api key should be used as the username, leaving the password blank.

$ curl -u "my-api-key:"

OAuth 2.0

Learn more about OAuth 2.0 at

Register your OAuth 2.0 application from your developer page in your user account.

You will obtain a client id and client secret needed to perform the OAuth flow.

Only the Authorization Code grant is allowed.

The following endpoints are used to perform the flow:

  • redirect the user to to obtain an authorization code
  • to exchange your authorization code for an access token

Note: Kantree Enterprise customers need to replace with their own domain

The following scopes are available:

  • read_user: Only read user information (/api/1.0/me)
  • read_workspace: Read-only access to workspaces
  • write_workspace: Read/Write access to workspaces