Workflow automation

At the top of the project sidebar, you will find Automated actions. You can view, add, edit, or delete all automation rules in your workspace from this page.

Add automation

Adding automations

Click “Add automation” to view available tools for creating automation rules.


  • Manually trigger a rule
  • Triggers according to a schedule
  • Triggers when a card is created
  • Triggers when a card is added to a group or a card is removed from a group
  • Triggers when a card field is modified
  • Triggers when a new request is submitted
  • Triggers when a user is added to the workspace

Trigger menu


  • Set field
  • Clear field
  • Append to group
  • Move in group
  • Post comment
  • Switch card type
  • Archive card
  • Restore card from archives
  • Delete card
  • Move card to another workspace
  • Copy card to
  • Subscribe to card
  • Unsubscribe from card
  • Create card
  • Create link
  • Create a request on a card
  • Delete the request associated to a card
  • Trigger an automation rule
  • Call remote URL
  • Send email

Auto actions

Creating action chains

Combine triggers and actions to set up a series of automation rules. The tree allows you to link several actions together, like this: event -> condition -> action.

Action chains

“Wait for user action” option

Add the option “Wait for user action” to the tree of commands if you need to wait for a user action to continue a rule in the workflow.

Wait for user action

Creating conditional rules

Adding conditional branches to your tree will let you evaluate variables in a card and set up rules using the Kantree Query Language (KQL) before an action gets triggered.

Conditional rules

Manual triggering of rules

When you need to trigger an action on the spot instead of fully automating it, you can do it with the trigger button.

Manual triggering

The trigger button is another field you can add to your card and then customize.

Add trigger button

Trigger button options

Trigger button fields