Kantree for Team Collaboration

Shared task lists and real-time collaboration.

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Powerful, shared task lists

Quickly create lists and add tasks to them. Add description, assigned people, set due dates and much more. Tasks can have as many sub-tasks as you want (and sub-tasks can have sub-tasks too, and on and on...)! Tasks are updated in real-time when your team members make changes.

Real-time discussions with email integration

Discuss with your team mates in real-time about any task, mentions them to bring them in the discussion. Subscribe to tasks to get notified by email of changes and reply to emails to send a reply.

Plan & schedule your work better

Schedule tasks on our calendar view and get reminders for upcoming ones. Use our analytics to discover how long tasks take to be solved, or to make sure that none of your team members are overloaded.

30 days free trial Try now