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Flexible and powerful organization tool

Organize, plan and track any kind of activities or projects using Kantree. Create and delegate tasks, add reminders, collaborate in real-time. Tasks can be organized in multiple dimensions as well as in a hierarchical way to allow for maximum flexibility.

Create any kind of processes

Facilitate communication and request handling across your company using our intuitive kanban to implement your processes. Add rules, automation, custom fields and more to fit your requirements. Use forms to allow people to submit requests.

Track productivity and efficiency across all units

Using Kantree as your organizational tool across your company allows you to get relevant metrics about the work being done across all business units. It is now much easier to ensure that your business is running smoothly.

Easier on-boarding for new employees

Using a single tool makes it easier for new employees to access all the information they need. Our visual kanban allows you to setup a recruiting pipeline followed by an on-boarding one.

Integrates with your favorite services

Kantree natively integrates with Slack, Google Drive, Dropbox, emails and more. Further integrate Kantree with hundreds of other services using Zapier.

30 days free trial