Come meet us at the Web Summit 2018 in Lisbon!
Posted the 31/10/2018 by Maxime

Web Summit 2018

The Kantree team will be present at the Web Summit in Lisbon next week, from the 5th to 8th of November! Considered one of the largest tech conference in the world, it will be an amazing event, full of talks, workshops, debates, etc…

We will be exhibiting on day 1 of the event, Tuesday the 6th of November. Come visit us on our booth at location G134 in the growth area. Find us at anytime during the two other days if you wish to talk about Kantree, the future of work or just say hi :) You’ll find us easily by looking for bright green t-shirts!

We are very excited to be part of such a great event. There is an amazing line up of speakers and some great side events. See you there!

Join us at SaaStock Dublin!
Posted the 01/10/2018 by Maxime


The Kantree team will be present at SaaStock Dublin this year! This major conference focusing on SaaS products takes place the 16th and 17th of October.

We are going as part of the startup program and we’ll be exhibiting for one day. Come visit us on our booth or find us at anytime during the two days if you wish to talk about Kantree, the future of work or just say hi :) You’ll find us easily by looking for bright green t-shirts!

Apart from great startups, SaaStock features an impressive line-up of speakers and great talks. Make sure to join!

Notes about our latest event in partnership with Zenika
Posted the 03/07/2017 by Emmanuelle

Tuesday 27th of June we co-organized with our partner Zenika, a workshop about brainstorming. The goal was to show how Kantree can help when starting new projects and how it can accompany you as your project grows. Richard Coffre, Head of Agile and coach at Zenika, hosted the session while Maxime, co-founder of Kantree, customized the project.

The 2 hours session was very interactive with participants being involved in the brainstorming/creation phase of the project. As they were mostly from the IT world, we focused on setting up a scrumban project which also solved some of the pain points they encountered while using other tools.

Kantree was able to answer most of the ideas proposed by the participants. Notably, ways to address different roles in the same team or multiple teams. Kantree shines in this area with its powerful filters, grouping and views mechanism. Customizing the project to handles all the requirements was straightforward.

The most lacking area was regarding dependencies. While Kantree provides a relationship attribute, it is limited to providing the information but no action can be take as a consequence of a relationship. For example, blocking a card is not possible. We are however working on improvements in this regard which should come out this fall.

This event allowed us to show how truly agile Kantree is. We were able to fully customized the project from a user perspective (no needs to be an admin) in a very advanced manner. On top of that we showed how the process can be modified at anytime in a very easy way.

Thanks to Richard and to everybody at Zenika !

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